Current Issues

The future of Hampshire Country Club (HCC) is uncertain. It is anticipated that the current owners will develop the property at some point in the future. Important issues for the Orienta Point neighborhood are:

  • Potential Rezoning: Long-term and new Orienta residents purchased their homes in reliance on surrounding neighborhood and the zoning in place at the time the purchase was made. Revising the zoning in a residential neighborhood to permit a structure that could be eight times the size of the existing clubhouse and larger than the entire Boston Post Road building of Mamaroneck High School would radically change the neighborhood we all chose to call home.
  • Environment: Development of the HCC property will impact the nature and environment in and around Hampshire (a Critical Environmental Area), Delancey Cove, Hommocks and all of Orienta. Increased traffic, noise, and light pollution would impact wildlife and residents enjoyment of the natural surroundings.
  • Flooding: Construction of a large apartment style building for 125 large luxury residences, digging to create an underground parking lot for 250 cars, retaining the existing parking lot, relocating existing and/or building new roads and regarding the property to accommodate a large-scale, high density development would significantly aggravate flooding conditions.
  • Infrastructure: The Orienta peninsula is not equipped to accommodate such high-density development, which would result in an approximately 20 percent increase in Orienta residences. The Village and other government entities and utilities would need to drastically improve infrastructure (e.g., public road maintenance, stormdrain systems, electrical systems, gas lines, water mains, first responders, school crossing guards, etc.) in response to increased use.
  • Financial: Condominium development would be taxed at a lower rate than the single-family homes permitted by current zoning. Why would the Village agree to rezone under such circumstances? In addition, the developer's claims of tax revenue increase did not factor increased Village costs for services the Village will provide to the development and infrastructure repairs.